Johan’s 3D Yaoi Shotacon Art Vol.9: Taking Care of my Little Son

When the love bonds between fathers and sons are so strong, they are both very happy to take care of each other! Even in exploring each others sexuality! 😉 Warnings: forced to sex, rape, humiliation (in some scenes).

Type: 3D images | Artist: Johan | 54 pics (jpeg)

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Planet of the Apes: The Orphan

On an alternative Earth the planet was taken over by intelligent apes, so most of the people were destroyed, and those who survived are hiding. And this story is about little Alesha, who was kidnapped by an ape, but surprisingly for Alesha, the ape fell in love with him 😉

Type: 3D comix | Artist: Red Dove (PJRD) | 153 pics (png)

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Ho Ho Ho!

Two incredibly cute, but naughty little boys become very good and nice boys these holidays – many thanks for kind Santa and his little (well, not quite little) elf 😉

Type: 3D comix | Artist: Odin | 69 pics (jpeg)

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Teen Beauties Vol.20


Teen beauties” is a new and hot hentai porn collection full of very hot and sexy teen shota boys who dreaming about sex all the time! And of, course, they get all what they want! 😉

Type: 3D images | Artist: Various | 138 pics (jpeg)

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Tasting His Forbidden Fruit Vol.4


Older brother can’t resist the sweet tenderness and pure cuteness of his lil bro, so he wants a taste some of his forbidden fruit! 🙂

Type: 3D comix | Artist: Tako3D | 83 pics (png), 2 bonus animations (gif)

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Xmas Gifts for Nice Boys

Continuation of this hot and passionate story about cute and horny babysitter boy who love to fuck little boys so much! And today it’s time for unwrap the presents! But these gifts only for nice boys! Are you been nice this year, don’t you?😉

Type: 3D images | Artist: Ipkojihugy | 78 pics (png)

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Delivery Boy Part 7: XMas Delivery

The delivery boy returns! And on this day, he receives an order for a very special delivery for very special boy, or rather, a sheboy 😉 This Xmas will be very hot!

And also wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 🙂

Type: 3D comix | Artist: NiColch | 168 pics (png)

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Shadows Vol.3 (A Vampire Tale)

New great and hot story about the beautiful vampire boy Sariel and his life in the castle with his father and other vampires. And one night he meets his new human servant and falls in love with him at first sight 😉 Later, Sariel also meets his old friend, Bael, who also a vampire boy.  And in this part Bael betrays Sariel, because his boyfriend wants revenge on him.

Type: 3D images | Artist: Arco3D | 89 pics (jpeg)

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3D Shota Art by Kitfoxy Vol. 12

New and very hot yaoi shota 3D hentai image set with horny shota boys posing in sexy undies and they love to pose naked and show their stiffy cocks and tight butts. Mostly softcore scenes with some hot sex scenes too, enjoy! 😉 Notice: some of this images are very quality (up to 3000×4000).

Type: 3D images | Artist: Kitfoxy (Black Raven) | 65 pics (png)

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Timmy And Sammy: Sleepover Fun [Extended]


The adorable little boy Sammy just wants to have sex with his best friend Timmy right after his parents go to sleep because he is been waiting for this all day and can’t wait any longer! 😉 And it’s a very qulaity FullHD video (1080p) with incredible sound from famous author! You can download this video from the links below!


Sample video quality via integrated player is very low.

Type: 3D video | Author: JDBoi | Time: ~ 2 minutes (5:14) | Quality: High | Format: MP4 | Size: 1,3 GB

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LLBeanie’s Yaoi Shota 3D Pack Vol. 23

New and very hot yaoi shotakon 3D hentai image set by very talented artist LLBeanie. Horny teen and preteen boys love to showing us their perfect slim bodies, nice juicy boners and tight assholes and they sure love to fuck with each other, their classmates, dads, uncles and older friends. Ultra quality and detailed renders, tons of sweaty boys fucking, sucking and fapping, juicy cocks and gallons of sperm. Enjoy!

Type: 3D images | Artist: LLbeanie | 71 pics (jpeg)

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Tasting His Forbidden Fruit Vol.3

Older brother can’t resist the sweet tenderness and pure cuteness of his lil bro, so he wants a taste some of his forbidden fruit! 🙂

Type: 3D comix | Artist: Tako3D | 105 pics (png), 2 bonus animations (gif)

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Mr.D Chapter 10

The other chapters can be found here. New and very hot comix by Zoon! Max and Collin – Mr. D son’s best friends were having a sleepover and stayed at his house for the night. Then these two sexy boys started to seducing Mr. D and the man couldn’t resist much as the boys have everything he could dream off – sexy slim bodies, tight boy bums and little stiffy cocks… So it’s all turned into a nice orgy between them where Mr. D fucked them hard. The next day it happened again! these perverted nasty boys seduced poor mr. D again, firstly Max gave a nice handjob and blowjob to him while he was making a breakfast, then when his son went to sleep, mr. D was going to speak with boys about what happened yesterday, but these sexy boys made a little surprise so the man couldn’t resist and fucked these horny boys again, enjoy! And finally, these trio make a fake wedding, but a real honeymoon! But this time these two horny rascals want to play a bondage games. And in this part, little Jeremy also wants to make love with his dad 😉 Notice: Boydom content (in some scenes).

Type: 3D comix | Artist: Zoon | 87 pics (jpeg)

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Daddy’s Sex Course Vol.8

Good and attentive daddies always know hot to pleased their cute and beautiful little sons and they’re doing it everyday like a course! That’s right, son! It’s a daddy’s sex course! 😉 Warnings: rape, forced to sex (in some scenes).

Type: 3D images | Artist: Napg | 52 pics (png)

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Everyone Needs Friends

Little cute boy Chris has just moved to new town and he desperately needs to make a new friend…Well, even more than a friend. And he is already has crush with the boy next door, whom he sees almost every day. O yeah, Chris needs him to be his boyfiend…well, just a friend to begin with 😉

Type: 3D comix, images | Artist: Melancholic | 134 pics (png)

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